About C.W.R

Here at Chase What's Real we are dedicated to helping people better understand not only what is available to them, but also how to save money so you can enjoy more of what life has to offer.

My mom, single mother of four, did everything she could to provide a great life for me and my siblings. Somehow she was able to spoil us with so much of the things we as kids desired to get, considering only having one income and so many dependants. At first, we started on welfare while my mom went back to school for her degree. I remember it was so embarrassing to get free lunches from school or using food stamps in the store, but what choice did we have? Shortly after she got her degree, our family no longer needed/qualified for welfare and she was able to provide us with everything we needed on her own.

The reason I bring this up is because not everyone is born rich or with the knowledge they need in order to be financially successful. We hope we can provide people with something they can use that will bring value to their lives. Either by letting you know what new tech is (or will be) available to buy, or introducing them to new companies and services that can save them money.


- Chase Rollings, President & CEO